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The rumored NEIGHBORHOOD x Converse collaboration is dropping this thursday

The rumored NEIGHBORHOOD x Converse collaboration is dropping this thursday

This thursday (04.06) NEIGHBORHOOD and Converse are dropping their new collaboration. A One star 74 and a modified Chuck Taylor all star 70.

Goodhood sat down with Shinsuke Takizawa to talk about the inspiration behind the two new designs.

Check out a few excerpts below and read the full interview over at Goodhood.

The Chuck Taylor All Star 70 features an additional leather strip across the front, what was the reason for this design?

Shoe damage happens usually quite fast with regular use, and particularly on a motorcycle, the upper foot is regularly used by the shift gear. When you’re riding with a regular shoe, the regular sole is a little soft and not as strong. Traditionally, Converse is already a good shoe. So by using a little more leather, we tried to make it a bit of a more boot style for more support. When you shift up while riding, you have to use the upper part of your foot and it’s more protected and in more of a sturdy position. I designed the strap on both sides, because English motorcycles have their shift gears on the right side, while in the US it’s located on the left. 

How did the idea for canvas and suede upper, or the foxing strip (which seems a bit thicker) with the NBHD slogan come about?

 Since our brand started in 1994, I already had this kind of approach and thought it was something close to our identity. It’s true the original foxing strip is usually a bit slimmer, whereas this one on the new CTAS 70 is thicker. For using canvas and suede, I just really love it for this model. I could’ve chosen all-leather, but it’s kind of already been done. The idea that I had in my head was more of a motorcycle-inspired design, maybe something that says “Chuck Taylor Motorcycles.” So I wanted to take an authentic, traditional piece (or thing) and modify it. Then, I realised I wanted a more original style, so by using both I was able to do the leather and canvas mix.  

Look out for the release at select stockists this thursday.



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