[Feature] Andersen-Andersen's reinterpretation of the Danish sailor sweater

Andersen-Andersen is a Danish family owned company founded in 2009 by Cathrine Lundgren-Andersen and Peter Kjær-Andersen. Their main inspiration was to reinterpret the classic Danish sailor sweater inspired by the Scandinavian country's rich maritime history and design traditions.

The result? An authentic, beautiful and timeless piece of design. The high quality sweaters are made to last and features a symmetric front/back design which allows the owner to wear it both ways. Because of the wool's heavy weight the piece falls in a unique way revealing it's well made texture as shown in the photos.

"It's refreshing to see a brand that allows itself to move at it's own pace and to focus on perfecting their product"

The brand itself says that "We believe in doing one thing – and doing it well". In a time where the world of fashion is always looking for "the next big thing", it's refreshing to see a brand that allows itself to move at it's own pace and to focus on perfecting their product while doing so in an ethical way at the same time. We've taken a closer look at their Navy Crewneck, Turtleneck and Boatsman silhouettes and included a bit of information of what lays behind the finished product.

All the garments are knitted at a small family owned knitting mill located in Northern Italy made out of 100% merino wool which is certified mulesing-free and sourced from Uruguay and Patagonia. The wool is dyed using the only Woolmark-approved natural colouration technology available and the dying recipe contains no chemical additives or synthetic colours.

The reactive dyeing process
meets the highest European standards of its kind.


Their indigo dyed merino wool is coloured with natural indigo leaves from France and India.

Since it's inception, the brand has moved on to produce a broad range of knitted pieces which includes the sailor sweats shown in the article as well as knitted peacoats, t-shirts, scarves, beanies and more using the same high qualtiy material and techniques previously mentioned above. 

All of their items can be purchased via their webstore or through one of their numerous stockists worldwide.

If you wish to experience the brand and it's philosophy at the fullest, we highly recommend visiting their official flagship store which is located right in the heart of Copenhagen. 

Vester Voldgade 110
1552 Copenhagen
+45 72 12 00 23

The long fibre wool makes the yarn extra durable

Photo & words: eye_C
Model: Xin Li