For our first editorial this season, we've decided to showcase the Spring/Summer 18 collection of Copenhagen based Hansen GarmentsCreated by the Norwegian designer Aase Helena Hansen, the brand focus on reinventing Scandinavian workwear and heritage designs with a tailored touch. 

The location used is a restaurant named "Bien" located in Bergen, Norway. The fine dining place is housed inside what used to be an old pharmacy. Once you walk in you'll find old items and articles from the pharmaceutical days on display including a "Gift" cabinet (Gift: Norwegian for poison) with a wooden skull on the cabinet door and old poison bottles inside. The preserved art deco space complements Hansen's designs and colour palette in a natural way making it an ideal location for the shoot which you can see in full below.


Photo: Isak Okkenhaug
Styling/Creative direction: HOYE
Model: Haavard Kleppe
Production: 6EYES

Special thanks to Bien