IISE Seoul delivers a new lookbook for it's "005" collection

Up and coming South Korean brand IISE Seoul is back with a new lookbook for it's "005" collection. Featuring a fusion between modern and traditional designs using old craftmanship techniques and high quality materials, the collection is a perfect match between old and new.

"This collection was shot in vintage cafés, billiard clubs, and barbershops that sprung up all over the city of Seoul after the Korean War as meeting places for business men, students, and creatives to freely share ideas for a new Korea. After visiting these establishments, some of which have existed for over 40 years, we realized not much has changed as we found ourselves sharing and discussing our own ideas about the collection in these same places, which served as the inspiration behind "005". 

Check out the full lookbook below and head over to their online shop, which offers international shipping, to make a purchase.