A complete look at all the MA-1 inspired pieces from KAPITAL's SS17 collection

Developed in the 1950s, the MA-1 flight jacket was a highly functional piece of clothing made out of a lightweight, waterproof material that could keep the pilots warm without being an obstacle for their tasks. The jacket didn't freeze when reaching a high altitude and the neon orange was implemented into the jacket so when reversed, it could be used as a signal to rescue teams.

It has since been adorned by a lot of subcultures, most notably the skinheads as well as a few celebrities up through the years. As a lot of other American designs, Japan has also put their spin on the jacket and it's been remade numerous times and inspired countless of designs seasons after seasons.

Which brings us to KAPITAL. As a part of their spring/summer collection, KAPITAL made a series of pieces inspired by the classic MA-1 jacket. Included is their MA-1 sneakers, this time updated with a smiley on the heel, a Mexican reversible Baja Parka, a reversible winery court and a Jetcap made of a rebuilt MA-1 jacket. All the pieces are made out of the classic nylon material in either green or black and made reversible (except the shoes) with the neon orange inside. Have a full look at the pieces below and head over to KAPITAL to make a purchase.