Cav Empt and SHOWstudio reveals the final stage of their "Untitled" project

Cav Empt and SHOWstudio has just dropped a small capsule collection marking the end of their project "Untitled project"

"For over two years, Nick Knight, director Rei Nadal and the duo behind Cav Empt explored the term 'youth', documenting their stages of research in a SHOWstudio project entitled 'Untitled Project'- conceptualised by Director of MACHINE-A Stavros Karelis. The research served as development for the project's final stage - a film by Nadal and Knight and a range of limited edition Cav Empt products."

Head over to SHOWstudio for a complete look at the whole project and view the final stage of the project, the film "Energy Surplus" below.

The capsule collection itself, featuring images and graphics from the project is available now via MACHINE-A and Slam Jam.