Aesop unveils it's Aromatique Room Sprays

Australian skin care brand Aesop is set to release three newly developed aromatique room sprays next month. Made over the course of two years, the result is three different flavors, "Istros" comes with a floral flavor, "Olous" combine green plants and citrus flavors and the "Cythera" flavor blends wood and spicy notes.

“The Room Sprays were created to revive the senses and redefine your living or working environment with uplifting, calming aromas,” says General Manager of Products and Research Development Dr. Kate Forbes. “Each Room Spray features botanical extracts of the finest quality to provide an enduring scent to transform your space, and subtly dissipate over time.” 

For best results, the brand recommends that you spray two to three pumps throughout the immediate space and refresh as needed; the aroma seriously will last for several hours.

The Aromatique room sprays will be available from July 3 from Aesop stores across the world and from their online store as well as select stockists