Engineered Garments x Trippen

Engineered Garments have teamed up with Berlin based shoe company, Trippen, for a take on their new Border silhouette. Border reflects a subtly modified classic Derby shoe with the upper made out of soft but sturdy elk leather. The backside of the leather is used for a positive/negative effect.

"Trippen was founded in 1991 by Angela Spieth and Michael Oehler in Berlin, Germany. They also handled shoe design and production for world renowned designers such as Yohji Yamamoto, steadily expanding throughout the world. Now the shoes are produced in a small family business in Northern Italy and their own factory in Zehdenick, 80km north of Berlin. Since the beginning, the founders have remained true to the idea of designing shoes with interchangeable components, combining modern design, environmental friendliness, sustainability and social responsibility. "

The shoes will be available in black and navy starting Monday April 10th at Nepenthes New York.