1972 by Noritaka Minami (2010-present)

1972 is an ongoing photo project by Noritaka Minami documenting the Nagakin Capsule tower.
Designed by Kisho Kurokawa (1934 – 2007), one of the founders of an influential architectural movement in the 1960s called Metabolism.  The movement’s aim was to formulate flexible designs that facilitate continual growth and renewal of architecture. This was the first and last of it's kind in the world, the building has never undergone the process of regeneration during the 40 years of existence. 

Now the Nakagin Capsule Tower faces the threat of demolition to make way for a conventional apartment complex on the site. This project is a response to the building’s potential disappearance as a tangible piece of cultural memory in the landscape of Tokyo. 

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