A closer look at the KIYONAGA&CO store by Hirofumi Kiyonaga

Hirofumi Kiyonaga, the man behind SOPHNET, F.C.R.B and uniform experiment, opened a new experimental store in Fukuoka City back in March simply titled KIYONAGA&CO and now we get a full look and detailed look at the store space that was designed by CASE-REAL.

"The order was to create a wardrobe like atmosphere that can house items that are selected with “style” and “taste” of the client. At times those items will be clothes or furniture, or maybe something else. Items that surpass the images of typical clothing stores will be chosen and will be placed in this experimental space that can function even as a gallery.
To utilize the characteristics of the site and to maximize wall size, office functions including the stock were gathered in the center and all windows were kept. We selected neutral materials to create this white cube which will go on to house various items, and to be used in a multi functional purposes."

The store/gallery have already housed a few different Pop-Ups and projects since it opened it's doors which is what the space was made for in the first place. Have a look at the minimal space via the grid below and make sure to stop by the next time you're in the area. 

The current exhibition is taking place between July 1 to July 23 and shows selected works by Japanese painter and artist Ryuji Kamiyama.