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Revisiting the UNDERCOVER SS11 "UNDERMAN" collection

Revisiting the UNDERCOVER SS11 "UNDERMAN" collection

Jun Takahashi never shies away from doing something new when it comes to presenting his labels new looks.
This time we take a look back at the brilliant SS11 "UNDERMAN" collection.

“UNDERMAN is the fictional hero whose single purpose is to rescue the souls of the people who have had theirs stolen by evil forces. Battling against sorrow of the “empty”, soulless world, UNDERMAN will not rest until the souls are won and returned.”

As so many times before and after, the "UNDERMAN" collection was progressive and innovating while being true to the UNDERCOVER aesthetic.

The lookbook (above) and the collection shoot itself (below), set in a miniature cityscape complete with tiny cars and taxis making the models look like giants, where both made to mimic the look of a comic book strip. They even made trading cards produced in form of a lookbook, accompanied by a special card booklet to store them in.
To finish it all up, they also collaborated on a set of figures with medicom.

All in all, one of the most well made, thought through collections by far that shows us why Jun Takahashi always stays one step ahead of everyone.

Enjoy the several lookbooks, editorials and other goodies above and below.

Collection shoot

MEN'S NON-NO SS11 editorial

HUgE magazine SS11 editorial

Lookbook behind the scenes video

Special card booklet made to accompany the trading cards produced in form of a lookbook.

UNDERCOVER "Underman" 12" figures by medicom



me Issey Miyake (2001)

me Issey Miyake (2001)