Sasquatchfabrix "Amami-Oshima Island" Capsule Collection for Isetan Shinjuku

This Thursday (29.03) Sasquatchfabrix will be releasing a special capsule collection for Isetan Shinjuku Men's department.

For this collection, Daisuke Yokoyama and his brand have used a very special silk fabric named Ōshima Tsumugi which is made using an over 1,300 years old technique from the Amami-Oshima island. The highest priced textile in Japan.
The fabrics have then been mud dyed at the very same island which is the only place in the world where this technique is used. The result is a beautiful, unique and light fabric that is difficult to wrinkle. Check out the collection in the photos above.

If you want to read more about the old silk tradition from Amami-Oshima island and learn more about the this project, please check out this great article from inteligence magazine.

Photo courtesy of Inteligence magazine/Will Goodan and Sasquatchfabrix