A closer look at the DRY LINE NO SEAM SERIES by F/CE.®

The DRY LINE NO SEAM SERIES from the Japanese brand F/CE.® is a line of different bags, backpacks and articles that is completely seamless, 100% waterproof and airtight. Using CORDURA 500-denier Ripstop as the main fabric, the seamless parts are made by "applying pressure on two pieces of fabric stacked in a special machine that sends electromagnetic waves through the material. This special welding process causes a chemical reaction on the molecular level, which ensures that the two pieces of fabric never separates or peel".

Some of the styles also features a valve which you can use to blow air into the backpack for flotation purposes or if you simply need a pillow on your hiking travels.

We've taken a closer look at the NO SEAM ZIP LOCK BAG in both black and olive green and the NO SEAM DAY PACK in black. View the feature below and head over to F/CE.® for more information.


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