[Product Highlight] EW.Pharmacy 10 Flower mix

EW.Pharmacy, one of the latest concepts by edenworks, is a shop situated in Shibuya near Yoyogi park which specialize in dried flowers. Inspired by medical dispensaries, the shop sells a broad range of different and colourful flowers where the customer is able to arrange a custom package or select a ready-made pack carefully arranged by the staff.

This particular mix, chosen by eye_C, features a nice blend of yarrows, blue flax, delphinium, ixodia, smokebush, oregano, grey conebush and ixodia.

Make sure to stop by if you find yourself in the area and if not, you can visit the store's official website here.

1 Chome-14-11 Tomigaya
Shibuya-ku, Tōkyō-to 151-0063